Introduction to PWS projects


Meteorology for meteorology, data for data: nowadays, this can no longer be.

MFI takes its National Weather Services a step further to embrace the whole concept of weather and climate services. Recognized by the WMO as top priorities for National Meteorological Services, these services aim at several goals:

- Natural disaster prevention and mitigation through early warning systems.
- Better management, for all citizens, of everyday life activities thanks to improved forecasts, delivered in the most relevant forms.
- Decision-making support for weather-sensitive sectors such as agriculture, marine, aviation, tourism, oil & gas, etc.
- Long-term weather analysis to evaluate global climate changes and adapt national development programs for the years to come.

"Meteorology for meteorology,
data for data?
Let MFI take you one step further and give more sense to your project."


Each project and each national weather service will require its own specific meteorological products and services, tailored according to the characteristics of the country, the profile of the end-users it is addressing, etc.

MFI's role is to assist National Weather Services understanding end-users' needs, designing and elaborating a relevant catalogue of products that will allow them to respond efficiently to the expectations of the publics they are supposed to serve.

As the illustration below shows, meteorological information has numerous fields of application and is of interest for a lot of economic actors, as well as general public.